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Nhau DzeBonde

Zoey delighted men are learning ‘Bonde’ to satisfy the needs of their women in bed!



Zoey Sifelani

Dancer and s.e.x educator Zoey Sifelani says she is happy that men are also taking the initiative to please their women in the bedroom.

Zoey who runs a school in Mabelreign that teaches women about bonde recently encouraged men to try out new styles in order to match their women’s skills and please them.

Zoey said men should try natural remedies such as herbs for them to last in bed after a number of women complained to her that their men were now failing to match their skills in bed after attaining a ‘qualification’ at her school.

I’m delighted that some men are taking the initiative to learn and satisfy the needs of their women in bed. Women complained that men were failing to last long and through my investigations, I discovered that natural remedies are the way to go.

“There are herbs that can solve the bedroom problems for both men and women. I have been getting calls from people inquiring about the natural solutions and they have been helped and it’s joy in the bedroom.

“People can make bookings at number 48 Van Guard House along Kenneth Kaunda, opposite the NRZ Harare station and just a visit will change one’s s.e.x life. There is everything for everyone even for women who seek to have b00bs, hips and bums enlargement the natural way,” she said.

Zoey is famous for her pole dancing that attracted the attention of other women who wished to learn her dancing skills hence the school.

Every Thursday she will be at Londoners showcasing her skills at the popular Pole dancing nights.

“Some women come to the school to learn how to dance and some of the bonde drills and we assist them. Some have seen me dance and if they get excited they ask for lessons,” she said.


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