Confessions of a House Maid Part 1, teasing the Boss while Madam is in the shower

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Have you ever been in a situation where you think that God has left you or maybe that you are not blessed? Well, this Covid-19 pandemic seemed like a pure curse to me and my job as a maid.

I could not move around because of the Lockdown and so I was stuck at home working as a maid to this handsome man and his very beautiful wife… Jealous much! It seemed like they had everything under control on the surface that is. Seeing them everyday disappearing in the bedroom was like a curse to me. Pakadaro NYERE was at a peak I tell you.

Anyways saMaid I knew their routine and decided to play my own little game, I didn’t care what would happen, I was bored not to mention lonely. The first thing I had to do was to get noticed by the Boss but not cause chaos with the madam.

The first day I wore the nice short skirt that I bought on sale from Zando and I was ready to start cleaning as the Boss was watching soccer highlights on Supersport. Ndakangoti excuse me ndichinanga pasi ndichinanga kukorobha. I could feel air pamagaro apa and knew kuti gstring was 100% panze. Still, I didn’t care as I could hear the shower running and so I knew madam would be out another 30 mins.

I heard boss clearing his throat and all I said was “sorry I am almost done”. I looked behind me to see that man was no longer focusing on the Chelsea highlights but had his eyes glued on me. Ndakatambisa magaro kudai first time then second pandakati nditi third ndakanzwa Boss vachikosora.

I stood up carefully and excused myself then I apologized for disturbing his TV watching session and I left. I went straight to my room amd was not surprised to see that ndanga ndakatota kuita kuyerera chaiko. 2 fingers mukati and in no time ndakatunda. I lay there in bed as I was planning my next adventure naBoss muLockdowm kudai.

Moments later ndakanzwa noise coming from the main bedroom, it’s like Boss was attacking madam, ndakanzwa kuti munhu akanyatsorohwa nayo zvekuti she was screaming on top of her voice. I smiled and knew kuti Boss is picturing that red g-string vachizvambura madam… To be continued.

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