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Lockdown naMaiguru in Joburg



Lockdown naMaiguru

Lockdown naMaiguru in Joburg… “MaCondom acho unawo here?” Maiguru asked me… I don’t know where to start so I will just say it as I remember it, please don’t judge me because I don’t need that right now. I don’t like travelling in December so I applied for my leave for March and thought going to visit South Africa would be much better then…. but what I didn’t know was Covid ichavharisa pasi rose.

So the plan was to go to South Africa and do some shopping in the elite streets of Sandton and maybe catch up on a few sessions of cricket or a Kaizer Chiefs match at the FNB Stadium but what happened was in no one’s plans. I got to South Africa and started my shopping experiences and met up with a few friends… Then I was staying at a hotel in Rosebank… I planned to visit my Maiguru who stayed in Randburg and we arranged a meeting…

I know you are all wondering kuti Maiguru pachii… well she is my wife’s older sister and has been staying in SA for a while now. No one really knows where her husband is, the story is he works in those cruise ships but I think I had last seen him over a year ago.

Fast forward to when Covid started and lockdowns began, No one expected the SA-Zim border to close and when the news was announced I remember calling my wife and asking her what I should do… She simply said instead of hotel go stay with Maiguru as it would be cheaper and safer even. My wife had already arranged with her sister so I got into an Uber and went to Randburg. The army was already on the streets of Joburg and the disease was causing havoc day in and day out.

Takatombochovha a few days pasina kana drama but something just happens when 2 people stay together pasina kumbobuda, every day was proving more and more difficult especially when it came to respecting boundaries. Week two haa kana nyaya dzanga dzatochinja and we found ourselves getting closer and closer to temptation. But I feel like Maiguru vakazodirawo paraffin pamoto because one evening vakangoti “mhosva yangu ndeyei shuwa kugara mumba mangu ndakapfeka bra…” with that she stood and went to her bedroom vakadzoka in a Manchester United jersey asi vachioneka kuti braa yabviswa.

I remember the day very well, I was trying by all means to watch Netflix but I don’t even recall the series I was watching as all my attention was drawn to the football jersey she was wearing. Ndakaramba ndakayeva zvekuti she laughed out loud and said Bamnini hapana zviripo apa wonai TV… Ndakanyara because I was clearly caught red-handed ndakayeva Maiguru apa I was busy trying kuhwandisa jonso anga amira mubhrugwa.

I kept telling myself to look away but zvainetsa, instead of covering up munhu wacho kept laughing hake. First time ndakagona kukunda muyedzo because madam vakabva vafona and we spent quite some time talking and discussing the various issues that came with covid. By the time I got off the phone, Maiguru was cooking in the kitchen and seemed like she wasn’t paying attention to me.

I got back to my Netflix and wondered why she was acting all serious all of a sudden. Later as we were enjoying the chicken and mash room pasta I asked her why she was all of a sudden quiet. She started crying explaining how she is feeling extra lonely knowing that the moment borders open I will leave and how her husband is still some 5 months away from coming back home. I felt sorry for her but there really was nothing I could do to comfort her. I thought of hugging her but ndakatya direct contact with the Man U jersey and what was inside it. Eventually, she settled down and went to bed early.

I did the dishes and went back to my Netflix, I found myself missing wifey a little more that night so I video-chatted with her till around 2 am. I eventually went to sleep but that was after imagining Maiguru in that jersey mazamu achitamba tamba hawo, I won’t lie or act innocent haa but I managed kuzvitundisa hangu with that image yaMaiguru in my head.

The next morning seemed all normal panga pasina that sad vibe from the night before instead I could see a spring in Maiguru’s step even nyash yairatidza kuti irikutambisa ichishaker differently. We had breakfast and went to our favourite hobby… Netflix! I was in my zone just wondering when I will be going home when Maiguru just announced that she is going to get more comfortable… I looked at her and wondered how comfortable can one get if they are already rocking an adidas t-shirt and sweat pants. I didn’t have to wait long to find out… She stood up and went to the bedroom and came back rocking a tiny short and a small t-shirt that seems 2 sizes small… I looked at her and asked, are you comfortable now and she simply smiled and sat right next to me…

The next statements shocked the life out of me… “saka Bamnini mafunga kuti rent muchabhadhara sei?” she said this vachisimudza makumbo avo vachimaisa pamusoro pemakumbo angu dangerously close to young jonso… I looked at her surprised and noticed she was dead serious… zvikanzi “you can start by massaging my feet, But MaCondom acho unawo here?”

More to follow… on Lockdown naMaiguru in Joburg Part 2

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