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Nyoro muMota kuShow yaJah Prayzah



Kusvirana Mumota

Nyoro muMota kuShow yaJah Prayzah. I am a crazy fan of Jah Prayzah that I follow him everywhere he plays and this time around it was no different. Jah Prayzah had an album launch in Nyanga a few weeks ago and I thought why not be the one to listen to the popular chitubu album.

Getting an off day was easy and pasina nguva it was me and my old friend Daniel tichirova mota takananga Nyanga. I am the type of guy anonakirwa nemusic zvekuti I can drink my Jameson on the rocks and not care about the next beautiful woman dancing next to me. But this time with Daniel around I knew things would be different considering tsano ava always seems to have maBaby all over the country.

Takusvika paMarondera Daniel told me to stop as we were picking up his girlfriend Beauty and I felt a pang of jealousy ndichinzwa izvi as I thought kupi pamwe all the way to Nyanga I will be playing third wheel. We didn’t have to wait long as Beauty arrived and behind her was another lady she introduced as Nicole. I said, lady because Nicole was dressed the part. With an outfit that looked like it came out of a magazine catalogue. The ones we used to get from Edgars when it really was the go-to shop for nice clothes.


Kusvirana Mumota

Anyways ndakarova my 6 speed BMW and hit the road tichienda hedu kumafaro so much to say sitting arrangement had changed and I was sitting naNicole and Daniel and Beauty were in the back seat. Dai pasina Nicole next to me pamwe we would have been in an accident because the sounds that were coming from the back backseat indicated one thing… NYORO!

Nicole was nice in every way we got to talking despite the high noise from behind us. She was an intelligent person and soon we were laughing and having a blast ava vachisvirana havo kumashure. I had to check through the back mira and that confirmed it. Beauty was sitting pamakumbo aDaniel and yairatidza kuti yakanwa zvayo mota ichirova pasi.

Apart from the fact that Daniel naBeauty vaazosvirana 2 or maybe 3 more times before we reached Nyanga, the journey was uneventful. But I remember seeing Nicole achiratidza kukwarira mukati achinzwa Beauty screaming in the back seat. Takasvika ndokunanga kuShow as it was now a bit late. We had booked ahead and entering was no problem takasvika Jah Prayzah vatova paStage and ndokunakirwa hedu chimdara chichirova Dzamutsana….

Jah vakarova mababy achitamba and I have to say I wasn’t surprised when Nicole started to dance as she had already told me she knows how to shake it. Akazoisa garo rake rese pandiri and that is when I decided enough was enough. Ndakangomubata ruoko and pulled her towards the door of the hall takananga kumota. Iyi akabva aziva what was happening because she followed me smiling and pasina nguva we were pamota. Wakamboita nyere here dzekuti you don’t care about zvekissing or kubatana batana all you want is nyoro? This is exactly what happened. Ndakavhura back seat and ndokurarisa Nicole ipapo and pasina nguva I was in nyoro and nyoro!

Nguva yese iyi we could hear Jah Prayzah singing in the background. Ndakaoma gotsi Nicole asimudza chiuno mudenga and started what seemed like a dance apa ini ndichisvira chete. Handina kumira kana kufema ndairova chete, I started gentle but later realised kuti the person I was with was beyond all that ndakaita zvekuzvambura chaizvo. We had voices and looked at each other but didn’t stop, that moment when you decide kuti nyoro is worth it or is better than anyone passing by.

Takanakirwa until ndatundira mukati mukati chaimo. I felt drained because I think ndakatunda kana 5 litres chaidzo if at all that is possible. She was looking at me smiling and I wondered why she was smiling… To be continued… Subscribe to get the story first.