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I think my neighbour’s wife arikutsvaga kuiswa neni – Please Help



Kusvira Mai VepaNext Door

I think my neighbour’s wife arikutsvaga kuiswa neni – Please Help me before ndamuzvambura nayo. I am not one to read much into things but I know kana mukadzi achitsvaga sviro kwandiri.

Last week I invited my friends for a drink and as we were having a blast I noticed my neighbour’s wife was checking us out. I decided to invite them for a drink as well but she said her husband was away and she would join us soon.

Hours went by and she didn’t come and as the party winded down I saw her walking towards my house. She apologised for coming late and offered to help me clean up the place. We cleaned and all seemed normal until she started getting tipsy.

Kusvira Mai VepaNext Door

I was surprised at how quickly she got drunk because if I remember very well she only had half a beer. Now here is where I want you guys and ladies to help me… When she seemed all drunk, she pulled up her very short dress and pretended she wasn’t noticing what she was doing.

The short dress wasn’t the problem, just that mukati manga musina panty, choya was shaved clean and I didn’t know what to think. She did this for like a few seconds but that image got stuck in my headed and I couldn’t think properly. Since then she never spoke to me again so I am wondering was I drunk or she wants me to take the next move?

If you were me and you saw all that, what would you do? Unomusvira here or you will leave it alone. Honestly speaking since that day, whenever I see her, Mboro inomira kunge danda. So please help me ndodii namai ava? Ndosvira here or ndosiya akadaro? Comments are welcome… More to follow.

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