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#50MagateChallenge takes Zimbabwe by Storm – Videos



Local musician Enzo Ishall’s #50MagateChallenge seems to be taking social media by storm as women want to outdo each other in posting videos while dancing to the musicians’ latest hit.

Lady Unique

Raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda took up the challenge and has twice posted videos of herself doing what she does best and this has since attracted the attention of many more ladies. Watch as the ladies shake what Momma gave them but first Bev as she dances.

Bev Sibanda might have been a dancing queen but she certainly got challenged by the lady in the next video who hit more than 20K views on Twitter and though many comments were criticising her for the boy in the video, the dance was good.

Lady Unique from Cape Town in South Africa turned it up a notch when she shook it to more than 10K Views on our Facebook Page, Zimbabwe Celebrities and News Updates and here is the video below.

Moving on, I fell in love with the set up of the next video. Dressed in the popular Masowe outfit and really making it look like the actual video, these were amazing.

And then yazotengwa nezvidhafu, if you enjoy seeing bootylicious women dance, then the below video is for you.

Which video do you think is the hottest in the #50MagateChallenge?

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