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Is it a sin kudya Beche or Mboro? Please Help



Kudyiwa beche

Pane nyaya yanetsa on social media and kumabhawa uko, maybe you readers out there can assist us as well. Is it a sin kudya Beche or Mboro among married people?

Kudyiwa beche

Question: Tete ini nemukadzi wangu want to know if Kudya Mboro or Beche is a sin? I have checked in the Bible but I don’t see anything where it says its wrong. Please help me out.

Answer: Bible harina zvarinotaura about kudyanana mboro or beche so in that reason, it’s not a sin as long as if you 2 agree and are comfortable doing it.

But seems people have different ideas concerning the matter so if you want to add something you are welcome to add your suggestion in the comment box. Thank you.

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