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Handisi Hure, ndinongokara hangu Kuiswa, Is that a Crime?




Handisi Hure, ndinongokara hangu Kuiswa, Is that a Crime? We have had many crazy questions that come through via our email but I have to say this is the craziest question that we have got. I will post it as we received it that way you readers out there can be the judges.

Handisi Hure, I just LOVE Mboro NeKusvirwa!!! I think the society has it all wrong, Murume akafarira zvekusvira vakadzi vakawanda it’s not a problem but if mukadzi akafarira mboro too much then she is called a HURE. Ini I don’t care really what society thinks or says about me kana ndanzwa kuda kusvirwa I clean up get into my car ndoenda kubhawa kunotsvaga MBORO. Ehe serious I know Mboro chete is why I go kubhawa.


Last week alone I managed to get 7 different mboro in 7 days, that must be a record out there. But hey who is counting… Saka my question really is, sei mukadzi akada mboro too much we judge her and say she is a hure yet murume tinoti bhuru rinooneka nemavanga…. Equal Rights!

So there you have it, what words would you use to describe this lady who just loves Mboro? Is she cursed or anoziva what she wants? Comments welcome.

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