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Guys Mukadzi wangu haabve kuGym – Please Help



Mukadzi kuGym

I don’t know maybe i am just thinking about this the wrong way but I am now worried, mukadzi wangu haabve kuGym. We have been married almost 5 years now and like any other couple, we have our ups and downs. A few months back I encouraged my wife to come with me to the gym and she gladly accepted and we were going on strong for a good 5 months until I changed jobs.

The first few weeks she would comment about the people who come to the gym and spend hours but since I changed jobs and work weird hours she is the one spending hours at the gym. I don’t know whether its genuine exercise or what but I am getting worried now because I can’t go with her.

What raised my suspicion is when I wanted to go with her to the gym and she said we can’t go together and when I asked why she simply said I don’t feel like going anymore. I suspect something is happening at the gym while I am at work. Am I being unreasonable here? I know maGuys ekuGym are always looking for the next challenge, is my wife someone’s challenge at the gym?

I have hinted that I don’t want her to go anymore especially alone and she just points out the fact that its me who introduced her to fitness and now I can’t force her to stop. Ndoita sei nhai guys ko kana mukadzi wangu arikurohwa nayo muSonar or muShower kuGym ikoko?

How best can I deal with this? I am even thinking of begging my boss for my old job just so I can spend time with my family and most of all so we can start going to the gym together, I just want to see what is happening there!